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Furniture Covers

I am so impressed with Coverstore products. We've purchased other patio furniture covers in the past but after purchasing from Coverstore we won't buy anything else! Quality fabric, workmanship and design at a reasonable price, Coverstore has us covered!
Terry, Glenwood Springs, CO, 10/7/2016

We get tons of rain up here in the Pacific Northwest, and this product and the patio furniture covers have proved they up for the test. Easy to put on and take off, and all my outdoor patio furniture and fire pit are bone dry after several heavy rain falls.
Richard, Vancouver,10/1/2016

Without a doubt," Coverstore" is my only choice for covers of any type. In all my years, I have rarely encountered such a team of professionals. Keep up the great work and continued success to all!
G, Mesquite, NV 9/25/2016

I buy all my covers from Coverstore & have never been disappointed. I have 2 of these covers on outdoor TV's & they are great!
Jean, Tracy, CA 9/7/2016

I have looked at Coverstore grill covers for some time, but I have always gone to HD or L to get them. OOPS should have done this a long time ago! I've spent way more money over the years for covers, this is one that will out last 3 of them, I called and asked for the best size and was sent a PERFECT fit. I will always buy here.
Johnny, Gaffney, SC, 8/14/2016


Equipment Covers

Once again Coverstore has delivered an exceptional product. A perfect fit - Looking forward to many seasons of use.
JR, South Jersey, 9/27/2016

Excellent quality, delivered on date expected. Fit was very good. Expect many years of service. Recommend to anyone looking for a quality generator cover.
Dave, Ontario, Canada, 12/20/2015

Made SO well and the size is perfect! Love the color choices also FAST shipping and WONDERFUL product!
JGiGi, Deer Park, N.Y. 12/10/2015

The cover fit the conditioner to a "T. even had a security strap. This is the second item I have purchased from Coverstore and have been very impressed with the quality and workmanship. Keep it up!
Mike, Macomb, GA, 12/3/2014


Household Covers

This is a superb product and I know for sure it will protect my new furniture for years to come because of the incredibly protective fabric. The description on the website is accurate but it's not until you actually receive the product that you realize how sturdy, protective and well made it is. Plus - and I didn't expect this - it looks very handsome on my deck. And it's very nice to look at - the color, the fit, and the overall look of it. If you have purchased deck furniture that you want to have last for years and years, don't hesitate to decide on the best of the choices. I believe it will be worth it in the long run.
Claire, Forest Hills, NY, 1/21/2016

The sizing was perfect for the item which needed covering. It looks like the product as advertised and I would definitely recommend it.
Kansas City, MO 8/27/2016

I was very pleased with cover. It fits perfect and the color is just fine. I would recommend your product to anyone. Thank You
J, Chicago IL

I've purchased these covers for 5 counter top appliances. They've replaced chaos with uniformity & that which is pleasant to the eye.
Karan, Iowa City, IA 1/8/2016

I purchased the blanket version of this product and was so impressed I returned to buy several of the sweater storage covers. Like all of the products I have purchased from Coverstore, these did not disappoint.
Debra, Lebanon, OH 2/1/2016


Car Covers

Product, as always, was superior to all alternatives. Very pleased, again, with www.the-cover-store.com.
Ronn, Aspen, CO, 8/25/2016

Love them, love them, love them. Quality is excellent and am pleased with them. Just arrived a week ago just in time as we had some inclement weather. No more carrying the chairs to the basement for winter.
Mary P, Festus, MO, 12/1/2015

Excellent cover! The fit was perfect and the standard mirror option fits the mirrors like a glove and helps lock the cover in place when u fold them in. Coverstore customer service was excellent. Price was good and delivery was on time.
Kelvin, San Diego, CA, 3/10/2016

Your products are perfect fitting for my truck and my wife's SUV, we were so pleased with your covers we are telling everyone about your company! I will order all my covers from your store, will also recommend your company to family and friends!
Herbert, Waialua, HI, 6/2/2016